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Group structure of ONIX Main Series and Subseries records

The diagrams below represents the structure of an ONIX Main Series and Subseries records, showing the Group structures. These Group structures are not actual data elements or composites, but are convenient means of grouping composite and data elements that must occur together in an product record. In technical XML terms, these structures are represented in the DTD by “parameter entities”. The Group numbers correspond exactly with the section numbers under which the descriptions of data elements are grouped in the Main Series and Subseries Guides.

Note that the structure of the composite elements are not shown in detail below and can be found in product record Groups as follows: seriesidentifier – see PR.5; title – see PR.7; contributor – see PR.8; othertext – see PR.15; publisher – see PR.19.

ONIX Main Series record outline structure

ONIX Main Series Record

ONIX Subseries record outline structure

ONIX Subseries Record

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